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Here we present besides our Company Presentation some Articles and Lectures we did the last Years.

Introduction to Roben-Automotive Poland
Our Company Presentatfion gives you an overview of our Portfolio and Experience at Roben Automotive. We cover the Fields of Systemarchitechture, Functional Safety Management and Diagnostic including OBDII.

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The influence of high efficiency engines and hybrid s on exhaust systems
Increased efficiency of the combustion process itself and low losses in the Engine, lead to lower temperatures in the exhaust line.
Combined with the exhaust gas energy recovery as well as the hybridization of the drivetrain, this temperature decrease will require additional efforts for the exhaust gas aftertreatment in future. Current technologies like SCR with urea could only be used in future with
additional heating elements or will need to change to different catalysts or gaseous Ammonia, to keep the current efficiency and conversion rates.
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