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Roben Automotive will present at the 5th International Conference: Emission Reduction and Emission Sensors           11 – 12 July 2018 Stuttgart, Germany

May 16th, 2018; Matthias Weber


Dear all interested in the future of Diesel Engine,


Happy to announce that besides my Lecture about Safety and On Board Emission Monitoring, I was invited to lead a round table discussion at the 5th International Conference: Emission Reduction and Emission Sensors in Stuttgart this year.


Our Topic will be the future of the Diesel Engine: Of course, after the Diesel Scandal there was a tendency to retreat from Diesel. In the meantime, I see it more as a boost for development and deployment of a real Clean Diesel.


So, which technologies will we see on the road soon? How can Emission Sensors support this Development? Is there a stronger push for even more accurate OBD? How to take away concerns on sabotage of emissions systems by the vehicle/machine owners? What are the steps in the direction of On Board Emissions Monitoring? Where is On Board Fuel Economy tracking taking us?  


A lot of Interesting Questions to discuss where technology will lead us.


So, join me in Stuttgart!


Matthias Weber


CEO Roben Automotive


Link to Conference Homepage: 5th Exhaust Sensor Conference



Roben Automotive will present at the 15th International CTI Conference Automotive Diagnostics, March 22 and 23, 2018, Munich, Germany

March 7th, 2018; Matthias Weber


If you are interested in On Board Diagnostics and Autonomous Driving and if you around Munich in March, you are welcomed to join me on the 15th Automotive Diagnostic Conference.


This year’s Topics are bound to automated and autonomous Drive as well as E-Mobility:


  • Connectivity, autonomy and growing complexity
  • Diagnostics in a connected and automated world
  • Diagnostics and augmented reality
  • Modular diagnosis of high voltage battery
  • Security aspects
  • E-mobility – the impact on diagnostics

My Lecture will take care of the Questions how will self driving vehicles influence automotive diagnostics.


  • What happens if we take the Driver out of the Loop?
  • How will this impact Vehicle Diagnostic in general?
  • Perception of faults, the difference between human and artificial drivers
  • Impact on diagnostic system and strategies – OBD meets FSM
  • New safety critical diagnostic task: calculate the state of health of a vehicle
  • Will we need a new standard for the Artificial Driver Interface?

More than enough for an interesting Discussion!


Looking forward to see you in Munich




PS: You can use the link below for registration at a reduced rate.


Matthias Weber


CEO Roben Automotive

Roben Automotive will present at the Conference on Sensors for Exhaust Gas Cleaning and CO2 Reduction in Leipzig 29th and 30th of June 2016

March. 2nd, 2016; Matthias Weber


At this conference in June, held in Leipzig, Germany, Roben Automotive will present on "Exhaust Aftertreatment of Diesel Engines and its OBD". We will explain the functionality of a State of the Art Exhaust Aftertreatment System for Euro 6 (DPF and SCR) with it’s Sensors and the necessary On Board Diagnostic Strategy as well as the incooperation in the overall On Board Diagnostic System of a modern Vehicel.

In addition, Roben Automotive partner company, Brace Automotive will be presenting on "Cheating on Onboard Diagnostic Systems". The presentation will explain some do's and dont's from legal point and how the aftermarket industry cheats the OBD with aftertreatment delete kits.

For more information, see the attached PDF. When you book refer to Roben Automotive to get a 20% reduction of the price.


We look forward to meet you there!


Matthias Weber


CEO Roben Automotive

Brochure of the 3rd Sensors for Exhaust Gas Cleaning and CO2 Reduction
When you book refer to Roben Automotive to get a 20% reduction of the price.
PDF-Dokument [460.5 KB]

Roben Automotive, Shakti Corp and BRACE Automotive join forces in a strategic cooperation

Równe 10.12.2015: Today the three companies announce that they will combine their expertise and resources to support their customers even better and to extend their geographical spread. Joint efforts will be directly visible in activities in industry groups, at the training offers and when presenting at conferences.

Roben Automotive is a consulting and training company for the automotive industry that has a focus on topics such as Functional Safety Management, project organization, legislative compliance, liability and in technical areas such as architecture at system and software level. Roben has a significant track record in mainly powertrain engineering from conventional to electric in passenger cars and trucks. Roben Automotive is based in Poland and is in the process of setting an office up in India. Clients of Roben Automotive can be found mainly in Europe.

Shakti Corp is a consulting and training company specializing in safety and reliability engineering for the mining industry with a focus on mobile machines. Besides providing Safety Lifecycle Management services in the off-highway world, their specific expertise lies in employing quantitative techniques in Risk Assessments and Weibull methods in Reliability Centred Maintenance. Based in Australia, Shakti Corp’s clients are a mix of regulators, equipment manufacturers and end-users in Australia and Eastern Europe.

BRACE Automotive is a daughter company of Brandfort and has the automotive and off-highway industry as a focus area. BRACE is a consultancy, training and engineering firm and can also offer contracting. BRACE has expertise areas in Functional Safety, On Board Diagnostics, Model Based Design & Auto-coding and Processes & Toolchain. In addition application specific expertises such as casting, gear systems, crash safety, in-vehicle communication networks, system engineering are present in the Powertrain domain, Interior domain and Chassis systems domain. BRACE Automotive is headquartered in the Netherlands and has additionally offices in Belgium and Luxembourg. The majority of its clients can be found in Europe.

Upcoming Events where you can meet us:

15th Automotive Diagnostic Conference

22 – 23 March 2018,

Munich, Germany


Conference Homepage



5th International Conference: Emission Reduction and Emission Sensors

11 – 12 July 2018

Stuttgart, Germany


Conference Homepage



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