Brace Automotive

BRACE Automotive is a daughter company of Brandfort and has the automotive and off-highway industry as a focus area. BRACE is a consultancy, training and engineering firm and can also offer contracting. BRACE has expertise areas in Functional Safety, On Board Diagnostics, Model Based Design & Auto-coding and Processes & Toolchain. In addition application specific expertises such as casting, gear systems, crash safety, in-vehicle communication networks, system engineering are present in the Powertrain domain, Interior domain and Chassis systems domain. BRACE Automotive is headquartered in the Netherlands and has additionally offices in Belgium and Luxembourg. The majority of its clients can be found in Europe.

Shakti Corp

Shakti Corp is a consulting and training company specializing in safety and reliability engineering for the mining industry with a focus on mobile machines. Besides providing Safety Lifecycle Management services in the off-highway world, their specific expertise lies in employing quantitative techniques in Risk Assessments and Weibull methods in Reliability Centred Maintenance. Based in Australia, Shakti Corp’s clients are a mix of regulators, equipment manufacturers and end-users in Australia and Eastern Europe.

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